The way it Started

Diocese of San Carlos
(Diocesis Sancti Caroli) Suffragan of Jaro
Created: March 30, 1987
Erected: February 10, 1988

Comprises the towns of La Libertad, Guhulngan, Vallehermoso, and the City of Canlaon in Negros Oriental and the towns of Manapla, Toboso, Calatrava, Don Salvador Benedicto and the cities of San Carlos, Escalante, Cadiz and Sagay in Negros Occidental
Titular: San Carlos Borromeo

The Diocese of San Carlos occupies a territory on the northeastern part of Negros Island comprising 4 municipalities of Negros Oriental, and 7 of Negros Occidental including the City of San Carlos which is the see of the diocese. The history of the Diocese of San Carlos is very closely linked with that of her sister dioceses on the same island: those of Bacolod, Dumaguete and Kabankalan. Its territory was carved partly from the Diocese of Bacolod, and partly from the Diocese of Dumaguete.

The day of its creation coincides with that of the Diocese of Kabankalan, which covers the southern portion Negros Occidental. Way back during the Spanish era, the island of Negros was part of the then Diocese of Jaro when this was created in 1868. Negros stayed under the jurisdiction of the Jaro diocese until 1933, then the Diocese of Bacolod was created and the entire island of Negros was placed under its jurisdiction.

When the Diocese of Dumaguete was created in 1955, it was separated from that of Bacolod. On March 30, 1987, the Diocese of San Carlos and the Diocese of Kabankalan were created and these two new ecclesiastical territories were separated from the jurisdictions of Bacolod and Dumaguete. All four dioceses on Negros Island are now suffragans of the Archdiocese of Jaro.



Appointed Bishop of San Carlos: September 14, 2013-Present



Bishop Nicolas Mollenedo Mondejar was born on 15 September 1924 in the Municipality of Cabatuan in Iloilo in the Philippines.

He was ordained a priest on 4 April 1953 in San Miguel, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. Seventeen years later he was ordained as a bishop, on 30 August 1970 in Jaro, Iloilo. Bishop Mondejar died on 10 February 2019, age 94.


Bishop Advincula Jr. (born March 30, 1952) is a Filipino prelate of the Catholic Church and a professed member of the Dominican Order, who became 33rd Archbishop of Manila on June 24, 2021. He became a cardinal in November 2020.

He previously served as bishop of San Carlos from 2001 to 2011 and Archbishop of Cápiz from 2011 to 2021. On December 16, 2020, Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Advincula as a member of the Dicastery for Clergy.



Ordained to the priesthood in 1958, Bishop Modesto was appointed auxiliary bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dumaguete, Philippines in 1978. In 1987, he was appointed auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of San Carlos retiring in 2005.



Charles Borromeo (Italian: Carlo Borromeo; Latin: Carolus Borromeus; 2 October 1538 – 3 November 1584) was the Archbishop of Milan from 1564 to 1584 and a cardinal of the Catholic Church. He was a leading figure of the Counter-Reformation combat against the Protestant Reformation together with Ignatius of Loyola and Philip Neri. In that role he was responsible for significant reforms in the Catholic Church, including the founding of seminaries for the education of priests. He is honoured as a saint by the Catholic Church, with a feast day on 4 November.


Diocesan Curia

Our mission is to serve the Catholic faithful and advance the Gospel by providing administrative support, spiritual guidance, and pastoral leadership to the diocese. We strive to uphold the teachings of the Church, promote unity among parishes, and foster a vibrant community of faith, hope, and charity.

Administrative Section

Where every detail finds its purpose and every task is guided by grace, welcome to the Administrative Section of the Diocese of San Carlos. Here, efficiency meets compassion, as we diligently navigate the intricate workings of our community with dedication and care. Join us in upholding the values that form the foundation of our service, ensuring that every administrative endeavor reflects the spirit of unity and service that defines our diocese.

Pastoral Section

Within the heart of the Diocese of San Carlos lies the vibrant pulse of our pastoral section, where faith blossoms into action and compassion knows no bounds. Here, we cultivate a nurturing environment where every soul is embraced, every voice is heard, and every need is met with unwavering love. Through prayerful guidance and steadfast commitment, we walk hand in hand with our community, fostering spiritual growth, and spreading the message of hope and redemption. Join us in this sacred journey as we strive to embody the teachings of Christ and illuminate the path towards a brighter tomorrow.

Stewardship And Philanthropic Development Office (SPDO)

Welcome to the heartbeat of generosity and stewardship within the Diocese of San Carlos - our Stewardship and Philanthropic Development Office. Here, we cultivate a culture of giving rooted in gratitude and compassion, where every act of generosity becomes a testament to our shared commitment to serve others. Through strategic planning and community engagement, we empower individuals and organizations to make a meaningful impact, nurturing a spirit of philanthropy that sustains our mission and strengthens our community. Join us in the joy of giving as we transform lives, sow seeds of hope, and build a legacy of love that echoes through generations.

SPDO Advocacy Ambassadors

Empowering voices, igniting change - welcome to the forefront of advocacy within the Diocese of San Carlos, where our SPDO Advocacy Ambassadors lead with passion and purpose. With hearts ablaze for justice and compassion, we stand as beacons of hope, amplifying the voices of the marginalized and championing causes that uphold the dignity of every person. Together, we strive to create a world where love knows no bounds, where justice reigns supreme, and where every individual finds their rightful place in the tapestry of humanity. Join us in the journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future, where advocacy becomes a testament to our shared commitment to building a better world for all.

LOMAS Spiritual Directors

Guiding souls on their spiritual journey, the Diocese Lomas Spiritual Directors offer wisdom, solace, and companionship along the sacred path. With hearts open and spirits attuned to the divine, we walk alongside our community, illuminating the way with faith, compassion, and understanding. Join us as we embrace the joys and challenges of spiritual growth, fostering deep connections with the divine and nurturing the flourishing of each soul entrusted to our care. Together, let us journey towards a deeper communion with God, where every step is bathed in the light of divine love.


Vicariate of San Carlos

Welcome to the vibrant heart of faith and community in the Vicariate of San Carlos, where each soul finds belonging and purpose within the embrace of our shared journey. Led by dedicated clergy and fueled by the devotion of our parishioners, the Vicariate of San Carlos embodies the spirit of unity, service, and love that defines our Catholic faith.

Together, we forge bonds of fellowship, nurture spiritual growth, and extend compassionate outreach to all corners of our diverse community. Join us as we continue to illuminate the path of faith, guided by the timeless values that have sustained us for generations

Vicariate of Calatrava

Step into the vibrant tapestry of faith and fellowship within the Vicariate of Calatrava, where the warmth of community and the richness of tradition converge to uplift souls and ignite spirits. Guided by our steadfast clergy and embraced by the devotion of our parishioners, the Vicariate of Calatrava resonates with the harmonious melodies of worship, service, and love.

Here, amidst the picturesque landscapes of our beloved region, we gather as one family, united in our shared commitment to embodying the teachings of Christ and spreading His message of hope and compassion. Join us on this sacred journey as we continue to cultivate a sanctuary of faith, where every heart finds solace, every voice is heard, and every soul is welcomed with open arms.

Vicariate of Sagay

Welcome to the vibrant tapestry of faith woven within the Vicariate of Sagay, where the echoes of devotion resound through the hearts and streets of our community. Guided by the compassionate leadership of our clergy and fueled by the unwavering commitment of our parishioners, the Vicariate of Sagay stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity in our region.

Here, amidst the tranquil beauty of our surroundings, we gather as one family, bound by a shared mission to spread the love and teachings of Christ. Join us as we continue to nurture spiritual growth, foster meaningful connections, and extend the hand of fellowship to all who seek refuge in the embrace of our faith.

Vicariate of Cadiz

Step into the heart of faith and community in the Vicariate of Cadiz, where the vibrant spirit of fellowship and devotion enriches every soul within our midst. Led by our dedicated clergy and embraced by the warmth of our parishioners, the Vicariate of Cadiz resonates with the echoes of shared prayers, compassionate outreach, and steadfast service.

Here, amidst the serene landscapes of our beloved region, we gather as one family, united by our shared commitment to live out the Gospel values in our daily lives. Join us as we journey together, fostering spiritual growth, extending hospitality, and embodying the love of Christ to all who cross our path.