World Day of Prayer for Vocations: A Call to Pray for Our Priests

Every year, on the fourth Sunday of Easter, the Catholic Church celebrates the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. This day serves as a...

Shepherd Sunday: Reflecting on the 4th Sunday of Easter in Catholic Tradition

Shepherd Sunday, observed on the 4th Sunday of Easter in the Catholic Church, commemorates Jesus as the Good Shepherd, drawing upon the imagery of...

Bishop Gerry’s Vision: Illuminating Souls, Energizing Communities with Solar Power

In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint, the Diocese of San Carlos stands at the forefront of sustainable change under the visionary...

Embracing Hope: A Reflection on the Easter Season in the Catholic Church

As April unfolds, the Catholic Church enters into a profound period of celebration and reflection - the Easter season. It is a time marked...

Celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday: A Day of Hope and Forgiveness

Divine Mercy Sunday, celebrated on the Second Sunday of Easter, is a special day dedicated to reflecting on God's boundless compassion and forgiveness. It's...

He is Risen! Celebrating the Joy of Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, the pinnacle of the Christian calendar, is a day overflowing with joy, hope, and the triumphant declaration: "He is Risen!" It commemorates...

The Enduring Importance of Family Togetherness this Holy Week in a Digital Age

The modern world moves fast. Busy schedules, constant connectivity, and geographical distance can often strain the bonds that hold families together. Yet, during Holy...

The Spiritual Gateway: Exploring the Importance of Baptism

Across many Christian denominations, baptism holds a significant place as a rite of passage. It's more than just a sprinkling of water; it's a...

Dim the Lights, Ignite Change: Why Earth Hour 2024 Matters

Every year, for one symbolic hour, the world unites in a powerful gesture for our planet. Earth Hour 2024, happening on Saturday, March 23rd...

Reflecting on Sacrifice: The Importance of Visita Iglesia During Holy Week

For many Filipino Catholics, Holy Week is a time for deep reflection and spiritual renewal. Among the cherished traditions practiced during this period is...

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